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How to Get More Listeners for Your Online Radio Station

Listening to online radio station

More ListenersAs you know in the enormous tech world now a day, it is so much easier for people to start their radio stations on the internet, stream live, create podcasts, and fun shows. It is up to what they can make good in their creativity zone. There are mainly two types of broadcasters: The first type produces its radio content mostly depending on listeners’ demands, the second type creates content depending on their own preferences and likes.

Gaining more audience for an online radio station is like building a trust factor between the listener and the broadcaster. The most important question for both cases is how to reach out to listeners with common interests? In other words, how can you create a relevant audience for your online radio station and broaden it? Here are a few tactics you must follow to obtain more listeners to tune into your online radio station.

•Enlist your station to radio directories

One of the most essential steps to take is you have to submit your station to internet radio directories sites with complete required details. You can find the directories and information about them in our blog article: Top Internet Directories Submitting your radio station to internet radio directories will boost your listing up because thousands of users visit these sites, so they can catch up with your stream.

•Build strong social media appearance

Social media is now an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. Every social media channel has its specific user demographics. Depending on the content you are producing at your radio station, you have to target some or all of the social media channels. To get a wide range of audiences that use these channels, just posting your shows updates, events or any update regarding your content will work tremendously for you. You can run paid advertisements as well via social media channels. Make sure your post or ad presents clear messages with some cool graphics and it will increase the chance for users to check out your stream.

•Creating a website & an app

Having a website and mobile application for your radio station is highly recommended. If you don’t have any website or an app, you can create your website and do basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can convert your visitors into listeners by having a radio player on your home page and the same goes for the mobile app as well. Having an app will enable your listeners to download your radio to their mobile devices. You are not that tech-savvy? No worries, you can create a website without any coding experience with some easy web creation sites like WordPress, Wix, etc. All you need is to do some drag and drop and voila, you have a website! The same process goes for an app creation with the builder Mobiroller. Mobiroller makes it really simple to build an app for your radio station. With Radiolize, an embeddable iframe HTML 5 player integration also makes it easy & efficient to add your station to a website or integrate it with an app.

•Blog Posts

If you don’t have a website don’t worry! You can post your blog articles on blogging platforms and websites. Then you can attach your podcast link to your article. Writing about trending topics and inviting guests to your talk shows or podcasts would attract more listeners to your radio station. On your podcasts talking about interesting issues, inviting guests, and showing different points of view on the same objects will definitely increase your listeners’ engagement. and know their point of view will engage more people toward your radio station.

•Target your Audience

Knowing your target audience would make it easier for you to plan your content on the radio. Before setting up your online radio station, you must have something special in your mind which impels you to open your platform. Target specific niche! Cover specific topics which you think you can speak on well. Don’t waste your energy on people that won’t tune into your station. Gather the audience by playing tracks, interact with them via live call sessions, and discuss topics they’re interested to listen.

•Cross promotion

Cross-promotion with other radio stations is like sending an invitation to other broadcasters to promote your station. Together, you can do some chit-chat and fun activities, so you can engage with the audience plus you can merge both sides of the audience at one station.

•Strive for quality over quantity

Always strive for quality content, make your show chock-full with great playlists, trending topics, and guests. Do quiz shows and giveaways; accept request songs and create high quality, unique content. Ask your audience for feedback, give them the opportunity to win prizes, take live calls for public engagement. These events and activities will help you to get to know what your audience thinks about your broadcasting skills and your content. Try to get some new ideas from your audience.

Implementing these tips which we mentioned above will definitely expand your audience and help you to gain a wide range of people who love your content. Start with a specific niche and grow slowly & gradually you’ll get an audience in-ground, where people want to listen to your shows.

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