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How to Do Radio Contests and Giveaways

Radio Contests and Giveaways

Radio contesting, sometimes referred to as radio sport, is one of those fun activities that almost anyone can enjoy. If you set some activities like contests and giveaways at your radio station, then the audience gets more excited to participate in those specific contests which motivate them to win prizes.

Let’s discuss some cool contests to entertain the audience and give them an opportunity to win prizes. Conducting radio contests and giveaways is one of the best ways to get more people to tune in on a regular basis. Here are a few exciting radio contests and giveaways ideas.

· Quiz Shows

Prepare some interesting questions which can make your listeners put their thinking caps on. Everyone loves to participate in trivia; create music based quizzes for your listeners or write your questions about any trending, popular topics. Anyone who gives the correct answer would win a well-thought prize: It could be a discount code or tickets to an event; whatever you can generate as a prize would work. Preferably automate the contest processes since it saves your time. You don’t need to go through manually to check entries.

· Photo Contests

Photo contests are one of the best engaging contests ever. People love to participate in such contests and show their best. Just pick a theme or an event and ask your listeners to post photos about it on social media. The important point here is when they are posting photos, they should use hashtags of your station and/or tag your social media accounts.

· Voice Contests

Take on-air calls to make your audience guess the next line of playing songs or you can play audio of celebrities’ voices and have listeners call in to guess the next line or identify the voice of celebrities within 30 seconds to win a prize.

· Radio Host for One Day

One of the most exciting activities you can prepare for your listeners is to create a quiz on your social media account to engage more people. Pick your winner from your participant list, invite him/her to your radio show, and give a chance to host along with you. Through this activity, you can promote talent as well or maybe someone could become a future rising star.

· Conscript

Put a sign-up link on your social media pages or on your website that enables listeners to participate in your radio contest. Also, this enables listeners to keep an update about any exclusive radio contest. You can send a special voucher or deals to your regular listeners based on the information you get from your subscriber list.

Make your radio more engaging with contests and giveaways. If your activities and events are catchy and create curiosity; it will boost efficiency while more effectively reaching your listeners and building trust factor.

Do share your contest and giveaway ideas in the comments section.

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