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Broadcast Your FM/DAB/AM Radio Online

Here’s how to broadcast FM radio online using the Radiolize platform. Give your station an edge and better flexibility than your current setup. It’s very easy to stream your FM/AM/DAB radio online with Radiolize.

  1. Create and account
  2. Get a package
  3. Setup your station
  4. Go live!

Listener patterns are changing in a major way. 47.2% of the UK now listen to digital radio. Terrestrial stations are now broadcasting shows out online. Now we will show you how to broadcast FM radio online using Radiolize. Give your station an edge and flexibility then you might not have with your current setup.

This is how your radio station might look now

Traditionally you have an on-air studio. It consists of a desk, microphones, and analog inputs like CD players and a playout computer. This will handle the automation of your station.

Your computer will have a big music library which DJs can use for a live assist. You will also use this to continue playing out audio when there is no one around, e.g. overnight.

Now that is absolutely fine. You can use Radiolize without changing any of this as you can keep your current setup. Normally your output gets transmitted via a transmitter or mast somewhere. This might be on your site, it might be on a hill, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is you have got the feed going from your studio and out to your local area via a radio transmitter.

Radiolize can act exactly the same as your terrestrial radio transmitter. It takes your audio and broadcasts it out across the internet. In order to do this, you have to install a bit of software. It gives you access to the audio output of your desk. What it does is sends it out across the internet and then Radiolize handles the distribution.

Radiolize acts a bit like a transmitter in a conventional radio setup. The cool thing about this is you can still keep using your play out software and hardware like microphones, processors, and mixers already setup. This configuration is taking the existing feed and broadcasting it online. Radiolize handles a load of your listeners, just like the mast would do in a traditional analogue radio setup.

After you register and subscribe one of our packages, you can setup your radio in 5 minutes and make it online.

All you need is, after you created an account and get a package on Radiolize, downloading this lightweight software to your computer.

Know Who is Listening

We also provide the detailed statistics. Track live listeners, who listened at selected time range and how they are listening. Whether they are tuned in on a mobile device, desktop, or home entertainment system like a SONOS. You can see all of this in your browser at home on a laptop or if you are out and about on your phone at Radiolize Studio. We also look at how long people have listened for. All of this is presented to you in lots of nice easy to understand graphs. We are not giving you raw log data or anything like that. You can see at a glimpse how many people have tuned into your station and how they have been listening.

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