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Audio Hijack to Broadcast Live Shows and Recording

Audio Hijack is an amazing software for Mac users. It’s from the creators of Nicecast; Rogue Amoeba. It’s a user-friendly DAW (Digital Audio Workspace) that’s made for broadcasting, recording, and mixing operations extremely easy on any Mac device.

Audio Hijack uses blocks which you can drag and drop within the app. For example, you can send audio from your mac by dragging in the “Application” block and connecting it to your application of choice, e.g. Spotify. You can even use web browsers too.

Using blocks, you can send your audio to multiple places. For example, you can broadcast to your radio station, record your show, and listen to through your headphones. There’s also built-in effects you can sandwich between these blocks to adjust the EQ, balance, ducking, and much more.

Connecting Audio Hijack to Radiolize

Download Audio Hijack.

Broadcast to your Radiolize station by setting up Audio Hijack. Here is how to set your Radiolize station with Audio Hijack:

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