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Radiolize v2 is Coming!

Radiolize stands for people, communication, and experience. After endless hours of sketches, research, design, and coding camps with our core development team, we are proudly announcing Radiolize v2!

  • In June 2019 Radiolize opened its doors for online radio broadcasters all over the world as an affordable alternative boutique solution compared to its rivals.
  • In 2020 our startup started to grow fast with the love and interest of our first users. In the middle of 2020, we have evolved into a real company and built our first development and marketing teams. Until that time, our only employee was our founder. During peak-pandemic areas, we have made a positive impact for people and even some countries as we have enabled real-time online communication affordable.
  • In 2021 we became a known online radio broadcasting service between the broadcasting folks as our core team is muscled and started to create good impacts on our products, marketing, and customer support. We have started to provide for big and known companies. We wanted to be the best all-in-one online radio platform for broadcasters and to make this, we have been working on Radiolize Version 2 for the whole of 2021.

In achieving these successes and making Radiolize v2, our only resources have been the subscription fees from our users and the special services we have provided to some big companies. Radiolize was born without any outside investment and it also created the necessary resources to build version 2. As of today, we host more than 1000 radios and we are still bootstrapped. Thanks to all Radiolizers and our core team to make this possible!

What is Radiolize v2?

We are good, our users love us, but we want to be the best. We have been collecting and prioritizing our users’ needs and feedbacks for a long time. Our team wants to expand the skills and possibilities of Radiolize. To make these possible, we’ve made a bunch of exciting improvements and we call it Radiolize v2!

Every major change and feature of Radiolize v2 will be released slowly in the next months. If you are already a Radiolize user, don’t worry! All of your current stations and settings will stay the same and we will be migrating all your current settings including media files, playlists, schedules etc.

Radiolize v2 contains:

  1. New Radiolize Studio
  2. New User Dashboard

1. New Radiolize Studio

Radiolize Studio v2

Radiolize Studio is where Radiolizers manage their radio stations. Our founder drew a new user interface, our developers coded it. Now, Radiolize has a more modern-looking studio with some new features.

Expected release date: Q1 2022RELEASED BY 17 MARCH 2022

Changes and new features on Radiolize Studio:

  • New user-interface design on studio dashboard [visual]
  • New user-interface design on public pages [visual]
  • Change radio station logo [new feature]
  • Change radio station name [new feature]
  • Change station time-zone [new feature]
  • Add station description, genre, website [new feature]
  • Enable / disable on-demand streaming [new feature]
  • Enable / disable song-requests [new feature]
  • Station-wide audio compression & normalization [new feature]
  • Song requests’ minimum delay [new feature]
  • Song requests’ last played threshold [new feature]
  • Live DJ’s buffer time setting [new feature]
  • Advanced configurable DJ mount point [new feature]
  • Change crossfade method [new feature]
  • Change crossfade duration [new feature]
  • Banned IP addresses [new feature]
  • Banned countries [new feature]
  • Allowed IP addresses [new feature]

When we release the new studio, you will be able to set and see the detailed descriptions of all these new features.

2. New User Dashboard

New user dashboard

The user dashboard is where our users create radio stations, make payments, manage invoices, and all the account operations. We are completely changing it.

Expected release date: Q2 2022

Changes and new features on User Dashboard:

  • New user-interface design [visual]
  • Automatic radio station creation [new feature]
  • Quick package upgrade [new feature]
  • Multiple radio station management under same account [new feature]
  • Payments in multiple currencies [new feature]
  • New help center with ticket system [new feature]
  • Invoicing for companies [new feature]
  • Multiple payment methods [new feature]
  • One-click studio login [new feature]

Do you need to do anything?

No! we will be slowly releasing all this new stuff and all you need to do is just explore and enjoy. Every feature will stay same in Radiolize Studio and we will be migrating all radio stations’ media files, schedules -exactly everything- automatically.

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  1. vibingvibingstream

    Would you consider automated tweets/facebook posts that helps listeners know what is playing on the station without the admin having to check and then post. I use your service and … the biggest edge from is the automated tweets I get… it helps with web tracking

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