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How To Upload and Edit Songs and Manage Playlists

Starting to set your own online radio station from uploading some songs may the best decision.

In your control panel menu, you will see “Music Files”. You can upload your music files directly to there by browsing or dropping files to upload box or you may create folders by genre or bpm and upload or move your songs to which folder you want. 

Here is a video:

Here is a more detailed tutorial video for scheduling and managing your playlists.

We suggest you creating folders and uploading your songs to folders for better browsing. For example:

Then, click in the folder upload your songs by drag-and-drop or by selecting music files. You can upload multiple songs.

If you want to edit a song, you should click to “Edit”. You can edit song’s metadata, you can add International Standard Recording Code (used for licensing reports) and you can edit cue points. Lets quickly look at how meta screen looks like:

You may want to edit your songs cue points if there is silence or unwanted sound before or end of the song. Below meta side, there is “Advanced Control Song Playback” section. On the default, we have default 2 seconds of fade out at every Radiolize station. So you have to only use “Custom Cues” side. Don’t use “Custom Fading” and leave it free.

Let’s work on a example. You will see the total duration of a song on “Song Length (seconds) section. Let’s think we have to cut the first 5 seconds and last 5 seconds of a song as there are some unwanted sounds or silence on that seconds. So, here how you should set the values:

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