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Add Your Radio Station to TuneIn

Currently, TuneIn team is not accepting new station submissions or updating information for existing stations. We will review the correctness of this article when they start accepting submissions in the future.

Millions of listeners worldwide access online radio through TuneIn, so it’s definitely the place to be. TuneIn is one of the best radio directories as listeners can easily access your shows, not to mention it’s a free and a simple way to get discovered and grow your audience.

Submitting your radio station to TuneIn is really simple, but here are some handy guidelines to follow to ensure it gets added as soon as possible.

Add Your Radio Station

Add your radio station to the TuneIn directory by filling out this form.

Radio stations submitted through the online form need to be accurate, so it’s important that your details are correct to avoid it being rejected.

Follow our advice on how to submit your Radiolize station to TuneIn below.

Submit Your Radio Station’s Details

Fill out your station’s basic information:

  • Your Station Name:
  • Your Email:
  • Your Website (Optional)
  • Stream URL

Find your stream URL in your Radiolize Dashboard in the Profile under Streams. TuneIn accepts Radiolize stations, however if your URL is not accepted then follow this guide.

If your station isn’t active 24 hours a day, add in the comments section at the end the days and times it will be live, e.g. Sat & Sun between 9am to 5pm (GMT).

Add your radio station’s broadcast information so listeners can find you:

  • Internet Only OR AM/FM/TC:
  • Country:
  • Language:
  • Formats:
  • Your Logo:
  • Station Contact Email:
  • Twitter:
  • Phone:
  • Slogan:
  • Description:

Your logo shouold be 1200×1200 pixels.

Avoid using ALL CAPS in your station name, slogan, and description. Proof-read spelling before submitting to avoid mistakes and the use of offensive language as your station will be rejected otherwise.

After submitting your station to TuneIn they will send you a confirmation email when it has been added to their directory, this usually takes 48 hours, however if you don’t hear anything back drop them a message to look into your submission: [email protected].

Update Your Radio Station

Once your radio station is listed in TuneIn you can make changes. On your station’s profile page click “Suggest an Update“, it will take you to a form with your information. Update your details within the form and submit.

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