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Best Equipments for Radio and Podcasting

You want to start broadcasting but you don’t know where to start or maybe you already know where to start but you don’t know which equipment to get. Don’t worry, in this article we will give you some suggestions about the equipments that you will need while broadcasting. 

Let’s get to the suggestions. (Prices we’re going to share are for the current moment., it may change over time.)


Let’s start with the microphones. There are two types of microphones in the list we gave, dynamic and condenser microphones. Dynamic microphones are used in loud situations and condenser microphones are used in studios where there is a lot of acoustic insulation. Hence the difference you should think about getting a condenser microphone only if you have good insulation in your studio.

#1 Behringer Ultravoice XM8500 - 23$

#2 Rode PodMic Dynamic - 99$

#3 AKG P220 - 149$

#4 Blue Spark - 199$

#5 Shure SM7B - 399$


It is not a must but headphones designed for this purpose always helps a lot while working with live broadcasting.

#1 Sennheiser HD 206 - 36$

#2 Sennheiser HD280PRO - 79 $

#3 beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO - 159$

#4 AKG K712 PRO - 378$

#5 Sennheiser HD 650 - 486$

Audio Mixers

You need some mixers for mixing while broadcasting live.

#1 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) - 149$

#2 Behringer Xenyx 1204USB Premium - 218$

#3 Behringer Xenyx X1222USB - 299$

#4 Allen & Heath ZED-18 - 659$

#5 Behringer X32 - 1586$


Some professional tools that you may need while broadcasting.

#1 dbx 266xs - 169$

It really improves the quality of the microphones that you are using. If you want to do some professional work you may want to think about buying this.

#2 Acoustic Insulation

This one’s price is really varying but price starts about 10$ and it goes up from there. If you don’t have acoustic insulation in your studio and you want better quality while you are live you should really consider buying some acoustic insulation.

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