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Top 5 Advantages to Convert Your FM/DAB/AM Radio to Online Radio?

Advantages of Converting FM/AM/DAB Radio to Online Radio

Internet radio stations will be playing a huge part in the hereafter. They’re going to set the new trend within the way that we access information and entertainment. One of the reasons we could consider this is because nowadays people are used to smartphones, computers to stream digital entertainment, whereas traditional radio has limited options for listeners but there are plenty of benefits for broadcasters and listeners to convert your FM/AM/DAB radio to internet radio. Online radio streaming provides numerous solutions to get rid of many traditional errors while broadcasting a show. Whether you want to start your own station or want to listen to something new all set up for you to bring new. Here are the benefits of shifting your old channel into the new space.  

“Technically it sounds better than your old platforms”  

1. One of the best features is that you get more diversity and choice than any other traditional platform in the market. You get a variety of music to listen to, whereas traditional broadcast shows have none of the diversity due to which they often play the same songs on repeat whereas on internet radio you’ll get unlimited genres. You’ll easily get what you want to listen to along with song details; also links to social media and station description.   

2. Often traditional broadcast shows suffer in sound quality, frequency issues, and some regional issues, for example, DAB reception quality degrades rapidly when the signal strength falls below a critical threshold. FM/AM has also frequency issues during poor weather etc. Meanwhile, internet radio provides better sound in all these situations because it is often less compressed than traditional radio sound.  

3. One of the biggest benefits to move from traditional radio to internet radio is online radio needs minimal requirements to run your own station. Traditional broadcasting includes equipment experience and cash. Whereas in internet radio, it doesn’t take much investment at all; you just need some passion for music or for talking, along with a couple of tools like a computer, internet connection, and content to get started. Once you’ve acquired them, you are ready to begin broadcasting with Radiolize – Click here to start! 

4. One of the major lack in our traditional broadcast is geographical limitations whilst internet radio, there is no regional restriction, you can tune into your favorite stations from the other side of the globe, and still expect an incredible quality of audio.  

5. As a listener, you often get frustrated with lots of advertisements and believe us it’s frustrating for the broadcaster as well. Listeners might even end up switching to another channel whereas on internet radio you can get rid of advertisements and can make your show ad-free.  

As you can read a lot of benefits of internet radio so what are you waiting for? Get your station upgraded from traditional broadcast to internet radio and share your content to the whole world with Radiolize. Take a test drive at your new station here on our free demo:

If you are still stuck then don’t worry, get in touch with our team, they are working behind the scene to make sure things are working smoothly and fast for you. 

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