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How to Write a Radio Script

Why radio scripts?

Writing radio scripts for your live shows is something you might want. Preparing a radio script before you go live makes you follow your steps while you are live and it also makes you relaxed since everything is planned. 

In general if you want to be more planned and know what to do while broadcasting live you might want to consider writing a radio script because sometimes you might lose track of what you were doing on live shows.

How to write a radio script?

Most important thing to do while writing a radio script is keeping it simple and writing it not too formal. If you write your script too formal, your listeners might get bored or it may sound a bit unnatural. Just write it like you are talking casually. 

Keeping it simple is important as well since the whole point to write a radio script is not to get lost in your tracks and if you write a long and very detailed script you might have trouble reading your own script. Knowing what your listeners like or don’t like is also helpful to write a good radio script. 

Types of radio scripts

  • Talk Radio Script:  If you are planning on mainly talking for you live broadcast you should create a talk radio script. For this type of radio script you might need to write it more detailed since you will be talking most of the time. 

  • Music Radio Script: This one is for your live shows that involves mainly music. For this one you don’t need a detailed script but you should decide if you are going to announce the artist-song name before or after the song.

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