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How to Prepare a Great Radio Interview

Tips for Preparing a Great Radio Interview

Radio interviews aim to impart the interviewee’s own words, facts, and reasons on a given topic. The audience can form a decision as to the logic of what he or she is saying. For preparing a great radio interview, you must follow the below key points:  

1- Select an interesting topic and research on it: The topic of an interview plays a vital role and grabbing your audience with that topic is more important. When you think of your topic you must do the required research work first, as your guest would give more content but it is super crucial for you to do research and select engrossing topic to grasp the attention of your audience  

2- Your guest should be super interesting: Finding an interesting guest is the most vital part of the radio sessions. For finding guests you must first need to know what your audience wants to listen to/know? What guest can do to make the interview interesting and worth to listen? The guest you invite should make your radio show amazing and bring understanding to a chosen topic. Twitter and Facebook would be great tools to find your guest as some people’s profiles are interesting enough to know them. You can go to different events to meet new people. It would acknowledge the possibility to discuss other subjects as well. It is taking a look at the experts in the field that you would like to discuss in your radio interview and check out the spark of the particular person.  

3- Follow-ups on your prepared questions: Preparation is key to an interview. When you are done with the questions, you must do brainstorming to have a deep discussion with your team and must have follow-ups like rehearsals with your guest before going live. It will make your interview easier.  

4- Make your guest feel at home: Give your guest a warm environment and make them feel comfortable. It will make your radio interview more natural by giving pleasant surroundings and chill with the guest so that audience also feels you guys and enjoy the chit-chats.  

5- Listen to your guest thoroughly: Listening to your guest attentively is a major part of your interview. Listen well so you can respond accordingly and your reactions will show your listener that you are completely involved in that session. Avoid reading the questions from a piece of paper, because it will make your interview dull. Many questions would pop up in your head while your guest is speaking. Just refrain from interrupting him/her; otherwise, it can make your guest confused.  

6- Inform the audience on social media: Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to spreading any news. Before conducting a radio interview, you must post it on social networks and let your audience know about it. You can make your audience curious by giving hints about the guest and ask them who the guest will be? “Any guesses?” Just create hype.  

Implementing the tips above grabs the attention of listeners and can help you to succeed in your interview. If you need more advice, get in touch with our team now: Contact Us

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